2nd. Michigan Volunteer Infantry, "E" Company 1861-1865

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Honoring the Heritage - Remembering the Tradition

Our Mission Statement:

Respectfully, the 2nd Michigan is 2nd to none in safety, history and family fun.

"Send me a regiment, send me a Michigan Regiment"
Brigadier General Phil Kearny

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Click here to read an article in the Smith Falls, Ontario newspaper EMC about the 2nd Michigan's participation in a  in the movie, entitled The Percy Harris Story.

the Original 2nd Michigan

According to the accompanying caption, this is the 2nd Michigan volunteer infantry at the 1st Battle of Bull Run. Note the jackets the soldiers are wearing and that they appear to be gray.

Battle Honors of the Original 2nd Michigan

Battles In Red denote the regiments service in the Western Theatre

Blackburn's Ford - Manassas - Bailey's Crossroads  - Kunson's Hill - Yorkton - Williamsburg
Fair Oaks - Richmond - White Oak Swamp - Charles City - Malvern Hill - 2nd. Manassas - Grovton
Chantilly - Fredricksburg

Vicksburg, MS. - Jackson, MS.v - Blue Springs, TN. - Loudon Station, TN. - Lenoir Station, TN. - Campell's Station, TN. - Knoxville, TN. - Fort Saunder's, TN. - Thurley's Ford, TN. - Strawberry Plain's, TN.

Wilderness - Ny River - Spottsylvania - Ox Ford - North Anna River - Tolopotomy - Weldon Railroad Bethesda Church - Petersburg - Ream's Station - Poplar Springs - Pegram Farm - Boydon Road - Hatcher's Run - Fort Steadman - Appomatox Home at Last

Rick Godin, Rick Godin Productions, visited the 2nd Michigan at Messena in 2013 and has posted some pictures. He writes that he enjoyed the day very much and met many great folks.

Please visit our "Events" page for a list of those in which we will participate as a unit. Members are free to participate in other events of their choosing


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